Presentation Material

If you want to download slides or watch video from my previous presentations, you can find the links below. I hope that if you watch or attend one of my presentations that you will find them useful and informative. Just like using retrospectives to improve agile projects, I work hard at incorporating your feedback in order to keep improving the presentations. Here are a few kind words that reflect the improvements that we've made together. To those that have attended and left kind notes or talked to me afterwards - thank you. Your kindness is appreciated and remembered:
  • "Hands down the best session. Thanks for the fresh perspective on brainstorming."
  • "Excellent and engaging. Favorite session so far."
  • "Excellent topic - useful for immediate help"
  • "Great session, loved it. Great stories too!"
  • "Very informative. Captivated audience. Well done!"
  • "Excellent speaker, interactive and informative."
  • "I've been to a few conferences over the last few years, and this was one of my favorite sessions from any."
  • "Best presentation I have attended so far."
  • "I went in hoping to gain one good idea - I came out with tonnes of notes!"

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