Friday, April 30, 2010

List of Agile practices

I read an interesting list of agile practices at Naresh Jain's blog: Explosion of Agile Practices.  I think there is a lot of overlap in his list, but it made me re-visit what I think the core list of lean and agile practices should be.  My list is below in no particular order.  Each item can be expanded - for example, Technical Excellence implies TDD, simple design, following SOLID principles, etc.

1. Daily Stand-ups
2. Visual Project Management
3. Customer Accessibility
4. Technical Excellence
5. Frequent Delivery
6. Frequent Retrospectives
7. Continuous Improvement
8. Continuous Integration
9. Co-located teams
10. Iteration Planning
11. Team Estimating
12. Acceptance Tests (and automation of those tests)
13. User Stories
14. Self Organized Teams
16. Iteration Demos

Update 8/15/2010:
- And one more... Deliver Value!