Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fitnesse with C#

I've decided to try out Fitnesse on my current project so I attempted to find a complete tutorial on fitnesse with C# today. The best tutorial I found is contained in the following 2 links:

1. Installing FitNesse
2. Writing your first Hello World test

This is a great tutorial. Although in the end I figured everything out, there are a few steps that were implied in the tutorial that I missed on the initial pass. Here are those steps:

a. Leave the command line open. You need to execute this command line everytime you want to use Fitnesse. If you close the command line, Fitnesse will not work.
b. When downloading the FitSharp binaries from github, place the contents of the zip file in a "dotnet2" folder that you create as a subfolder in the folder that you downloaded/installed the .jar file to.

After adding those 2 steps, everything worked great. Thanks to Gojko for all the work you put into the tutorial at the links above. I found the Fitnesse User Guide to be lacking.