Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quit your belly-aching and try it!

I get a little frustrated whenever I hear people say things like:

"[Agile Practice X] is [insert doubting words here], prove it to me that it [is better/is more efficient/is cost effective, etc]".

Built right into agile is your own little test lab where you can try it yourself without needing the official research study.

1. Execute in iterations to determine your velocity.
2. As a team, determine to try [Agile Practice X] for one or two iterations.
3. See if your velocity went up or down and reflect on the results.
4. Decide whether or not to keep [Agile Practice X].

So, as I have often heard my dad say: "quit your belly-aching" and try it already!


  1. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to get someone who just doesn't get it to understand this. Unfortunately, in my workplace Agile is a joke for when someone sees two people sitting in a cube together.
    "hey, are you guys pair programming or something? trying to go agile, hardy har har"

    are there really people doing agile in winnipeg!?

  2. Sad story... Fortunately, your experiences do not reflect on all of Winnipeg. Join us at the next Winnipeg Agile User Group ( to find more like minded people. Yes, we are doing agile in Winnipeg - and having fun too.