Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 4 at Agile2010

Two of today's sessions were more about aquiring ammunition and ideas for my own future talks than about aquiring new skills.  In confessions of a Flow Junkie, Dave Rooney introduced me to the coin flipping game which contrasts the flow in Agile vs Waterfall.  In the final session of the day, James Shore and Arlo Belshee made us laugh and cry with their Bloody Stupid Johnson routine.  The highlight of the session is the soon to be framed certificate that I attained as an "Agile Software Specialist" or A.S.S.

The session with Gerry Kirk and Michael Sahota was designed to create a knowledge base of methods and tools for doing agile readiness assessments. It was great to see ideas from other coaches and I look forward to the compiled results.

The conference party at Epcot was also a lot of fun and I enjoyed some non-agile time with my agile friends.


  1. Hey Steve - I didn't know you were in my session. I wish you had introduced yourself - I like to connect with the other agilist in Canada. There sure were a lot of us there in Orlando!

    Dave Rooney...

    P.S. My face hurt for the rest of the day after attending Bloody Stupid Johnson! :)

  2. I loved how many Canadians I met at the conference - it felt like we were taking over. BTW - in your session, I was the Canadian manager in the coin flipping game. Next year we'll have to connect and share ideas.